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& Digital Strategies in Health care


Enabling growth through the power of delivering cost-efficient insight-led and evidence based real-world research & digital strategies.

Specialising in real-world digital methodologies through our vision of building collaborative "disruptive" transformational research models from "joined up" health care.

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supports companies & health service providers to generate and optimise the use of existing or new prospective healthcare data. We do this through, better design, implementation and delivery of real-world observational research, to support the submission of new interventions and improvements in health services.

We have extensive experience in conducting both primary research and utilising secondary data sources from prospective, retrospective, cross-sectional & longitudinal non-interventional observational methodologies. Along with data collected from existing national data sources. (eg. administrational data, EMR’s and existing public disease & product registries.)




To support disease understanding and health economic & outcomes research queries DaSH Global have set up the Medical Outcomes Research & Evidence, MORETM, series of data platforms in different disease areas.


For your on-going research needs get MORETM in your

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Digital Health

We specialise in digital health strategies through our vision in building collaborative "disruptive" research models from “joined up” healthcare. Collectively working with Pharma, national health services, academia, social care & patient groups with the combined goal of improving patient outcomes and driving down healthcare costs.

We look to drive new digital transformational processes to deliver data that is Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable, (FAIR). In so doing our products and services will provide you with ONGOING quick & actionable insights. 


​As well as undertaking customised digital research methodologies, DaSH Global are developing a suite of Digital Assessments Xchanges, (DAX), in different disease areas to collect Patient Reported Outcomes outside routine clinical practice. 


This will provide longitudinal patient reported feedback to link back into national healthcare data infrastructures so as to empower patients in the management of their disease, assess clinical management in real-time and undertake real-world research.



Services in Real-World Evidence

With extensive experience in healthcare research & consulting, both within private and public health. The owners at DaSH-Global believe there is a need for new healthcare research services that provide a 360-degree understanding of the healthcare environment in order to align targeted Data & Digital Strategies in Healthcare to answer the challenging healthcare questions of the future. Therefore, DaSH-Global provides a range of services to deliver the required real-world evidence.


Enabling growth through the power of understanding by making informed decisions in the generation of insight-led evidence-based disease, intervention and stakeholder insights methodologies & value access activities.


DaSH-Insights can align these services to empower businesses to enhance the design and implement of real-world strategies. For example defining unmet need to derive targeted research questions, appropriate study end points & relevant patient cohorts.


DaSH-Global and its collaborative partners provide a wealth of technical data analysis services.


This incorporates both HEOR & statistical support services where we have expertise in burden/cost of illness studies, HRQoL cost effectiveness utility analysis, treatment histories, fit for purpose health economic modelling, service evaluations, regressions models and trade off methodologies.



Utilising the evidence generated from real-world studies, DaSH-Global can provide support added value into into the development of Global Value Dossiers, HTA assessments, (eg NICE submissions), publication development, (both peer review & posters), advisory boards, policy implementation, etc. 


Clients & collaborations

DaSH-Global, are working with:


  • Pharmaceutical industry.

  • Medical Device Companies.

  • The NHS - via CCG/CSU commissions groups.

  • Patient advocacy groups.


DaSH-Global, have collaborations with:

  • Patient advocacy groups, (eg Mesothelioma UK).

  • Aarhus University.

  • The European Lupus Academy.

  • NHS Child & Young People's Mental Health Services. (CYPMHS).

  • Greater Manchester's Health & Social Care Partnership. 

  • Health Innovation Manchester. (HinM).

  • NHS Greater Manchester Mental Healthcare Trust, (GM MHT).

  • Manchester University.


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Tel: +44 7540 724927

Riverside Mill, Mountbatten Way, Congleton, Cheshire. UK. CW12 1DY,

Tel: +44 7803 036552

56 Greek Street, Soho, London


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