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Real World Evidence is becoming more important in assessing the benefit of new medical interventions. Helping us understand the impact on Patient Reported Outcomes in a real-world setting will be critical to support future reimbursement and regulatory approvals.

How it works

The Digital Assessment Xchange (DAX) is an integrated healthcare research platform for the outcomes assessment of patients with cancers. DAX is being set up to collect longitudinal 'community based' PROMs, Patient Experience & Indirect Costs outside the routine doctor consultation.

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DAX is being led by DaSH Global in collaboration with key Patient Advocacy partners, including Lung Cancer Nursing UK (LCNUK) and Mesothelioma UK (MESOUK). Advocacy partners are integral in their support and funding of this service.

Data Collection

The Health Companion will be central to the collection of PROMs where the national network of Clinical Nurse Specialists will recruit patients and gain consent. PROMs data will link into the National Cancer Registries Analysis Service (NCRAS).

Research & Analysis

DaSH Global will make the data available to pharmaceutical companies via an Access & Research Fee model, where sponsoring clients can submit protocols for approval and will provide full analytical services in the set-up, design, approval, analysis, and reporting via our team of real-world evidence research specialists.

Client benefits

 DAX will deliver real world studies that provide cost efficient, timely & precise evidence for the reimbursement and regulatory approval of new medicines.

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