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DAX Platforms

DaSH Global are launching DAX research platforms in different cancers by collaborating with national advocacy groups.

The following DAX platforms have been launched:


  • DAX in Mesothelioma – in collaboration with Mesothelioma UK

  • DAX in Lung Cancer – in collaboration with Lung Cancer Nursing UK

DaSH are in discussions to launch new DAX research platforms in other cancers. 

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DaSH Global in collaboration with Mesothelioma UK have undertaken the Medical Outcomes Research & Evidence (MORE) study in Mesothelioma. This collected prospective cross-sectional data on Patient Reported Outcomes, Experience and clinical information from both patients and Mesothelioma Clinical Nurse Specialists


MOREin Mesothelioma recruited 503 patients between QI-III 2019. (20% of the prevalent population). Data is available and can be analysed via the Microsoft Dynamics MORE data platform

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