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The Christie at Macclesfield’s Catherine Fensom joins DaSH Global

Catherine Fensom, who was one of the leads of the project to establish the ground-breaking The Christie at Macclesfield cancer facility, has joined DaSH Global, the leading real-world evidence health care company. She will drive the full integration of the Your Health Companion app into NHS cancer services, to empower patients and improve treatments.

The Your Health Companion empowers patients to report their symptoms, side-effects, quality of life and experience of care they receive and expenses. By enabling them to keep a record in one place, across time, much like a diary, they are better equipped to monitor changes in their health and wellbeing and communicate these to healthcare professionals, so their illness can be better managed and new treatments devised. By sharing their data with healthcare professionals via the app, it ensures that a patient’s medical information is available to the right clinicians wherever they are. At the same time, it captures real-world evidence that, used together with treatment data and clinical trials, will provide opportunities for dramatically improving research into new cancer medicines, treatments and NHS care services.

Catherine, a senior oncology nurse, has a wealth of experience delivering first-class cancer services. Having qualified as a nurse in 1997, she started in cancer services at East Cheshire NHS Trust in 2003 and has held several different oncology roles over the last 20 years working for both East Cheshire NHS Trust and The Christie Foundation NHS Trust in the past. Her roles have included Macmillan Project Manager, Matron for Oncology and Lead Cancer Nurse. Most recently Catherine worked as Operational Management Lead, The Christie at Macclesfield, a world-leading £26m new build unit, which has revolutionized radiotherapy and chemotherapy services for patients. The facility opened in December 2021 and now provides over 10,000 patient treatments a year.

In her new role as Integration Director for Your Health Companion, Catherine is responsible for driving sign-up of patients onto the new digital health service, and will be pivotal in supporting CNSs and healthcare professionals to embed the digital service into everyday nursing delivery.

Catherine said: “I am delighted to join DaSH Global and the team helping patients take more control in the management of their cancer. My focus and passion has always been to improve services for patients and to empower them to be involved in their care and treatment decisions. Giving patients the tools to be as active and healthy as possible during and after their treatment.”

“Ensuring both patients and nurses benefit from the app is my number one priority. I know exactly how useful this tool will be for nurses – but equally I understand the obstacles healthcare teams will encounter with integration. My role will be to help educate, support and onboard - so the app becomes a central part of routine clinical appointments.”

The app was developed by DaSH Global in collaboration with patients, nurses, clinicians, and patient advocacy groups, including Lung Cancer Nursing UK and Mesothelioma UK, to help inform the way cancer care, drugs and treatments are evaluated and improved - via linking the Health Companion data to national clinical datasets via a strategic real world research platform; the Digital Assessment Xchange (DAX) in Lung Cancer & Mesothelioma.

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