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Mild Cognative Impairment - Digital Assessment Xchange (MCI-DAX)

DaSH Global have been collaborating with Manchester University and Greater Manchester Mental Health Trust in the development of the Digital Assessment Xchange in Mild Cognative Impairment, (MCI-DAX).

MCI-DAX is an integrated digital service in Mild Cognative Impairment: providing patients with ongoing testing, feedback and support - and community services with: identification, recruitment and assessment.

Designed for Phone, Tablet or the Web, MCI-DAX can be set up as a “community based” longitudinal digital health platform that will integrate into clinical practice at a local level. Recruitment of patients takes place via clinic's that are tasked with diagnosing Dementia. If symptoms are not sufficiently severe (according to the test criteria), patients are told they do not have dementia and to go home, and to return to their GP if symptoms get any worse! This companion has been created to provide an alternative (digital care) pathway for patients to follow. It keeps people and their families in the loop with their community services (sharing their data), while allowing them to monitor the sitaution themselves with standard validated tests and tools.

What is the MCI or Brain Health Companion?

The data collected from the Meso-DAX companion will link into clinical services to provide an on-going qualitative & quantitative assessments that will enable:

  • Real-time decision making and data support for healthcare professional in the management of pre-dementia (or Mild Cognative Impairment) in order to make as early as possible a diagnosis of dementia (or to reassuring people that the situation is not deteriating).

  • A platform for Universities and Pharmaceutical companies to set up and run research studies and clinical trials through real time engagement with people.

  • Empower people and their families who have a history of dementia within their familly, or have concerns about any mild cognative impairment. Provides them with ongoing testing and monitoring of their condition and a link to services or trials.

In order to assist in the funding of Mild Cognative Impairment and in patient services (MCI is not currently a funded clical pathway), we are developing a commercial model that will provide access to undertake real-world evidence research. This includes the potential to support Outcomes Based Agreements - to provide evidence for the reimbursement of new Dementia/Alzheimers interventions.

We are currently in discussions with Global Pharma companies to fund this project and engage in the set-up of new real-world evidence studies.

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