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Mesothelioma - Digital Assessment Xchange (Meso-DAX)

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

DaSH Global are collaborating with the Head of Services, Liz Darlison, (MBE), at Mesothelioma UK in the development of the Digital Assessment Xchange in Mesothelioma, (Meso-DAX).

Meso-DAX is new integrated digital service in Mesothelioma: providing patients with ongoing feedback and support - and community services with audit.

For Phone,Tablet or Web, Meso-DAX is being set up as a “community based” longitudinal digital health platform that will integrate into clinical practice at a national level, recruiting patients via a nationwide group of 25 Clinical Nurse Cancer Specialists who work for Mesothelioma UK across 19 Trusts.

What is the Mesothelioma Companion?

The data collected from the Meso-DAX companion will link into clinical services to provide an on-going qualitative & quantitative assessments that will enable:

  • A tool for the patient to empower them in the management of their condition

  • A tool for service to better understand their patient population as well as the provision of services and any inequalities.

  • A platform for the NHS, Universities and the Pharmaceutical industry to set up and run research studies.

In order to assist in the funding of Mesothelioma patient services, we are developing a commercial model that will provide access to undertake real-world evidence research, including the potential to support Outcomes Based Agreements to provide evidence for the reimbursement of new Mesothelioma interventions. We are currently in discussions with Global Pharma companies to fund this project and engage in the set-up of new real-world evidence studies.

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