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Are we getting the right patient perspective?

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

As the digital health markets continue to converge, new products and services must be aligned to healthcare policy, regulatory requirements, research needs and, most importantly, a more demanding public.

Digital Health for patients needs to be holistic and empowering! It needs to put people at the centre, along with control - and the data that is most important to them: outcomes. This is the opposite of how health services currently work, and almost certainly feel!

To start on our journey of understanding the patient perspective, we worked with partner organisations making educated best guesses. What would people want and what would motivate them to keep engaging in digital health? The following is what we assumed - and then tested:

  • “Use my data to keep me well and out of hospital.”

  • “Assume I want to be kept well informed and in control of my own health data.”

  • “Use my data for the greater good.”

  • “Give me access to new or novel therapies (clinical trials) – should I want it.”

  • “Enable me to care for myself with the support of family and close friends.”

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