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Has Pharma done enough to maximise real world evidence?

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

It has been good to take a look back at an article I contributed to with NICE and IQWIG in 2014: “Is Pharma doing enough to maximise real world evidence?”. It was interesting to compare “where we were then” to “where we are now” – or should we say, “where we want to be now”?

Since that time, the fundamental need for real world evidence and the requirements for implementation have not changed. The article holds up well.

The main message was for the Pharma Industry to seize the opportunity. It is fair to say that real-world evidence IS NOW embedded into medico-marketing strategy where it is a fundamental component of the value demonstration as well as the regulatory process for drug development, even if this could still be improved.

RWE is much more than a buzzword - it’s a vital component in the successful commercialization of a drug. “The industry must seize the opportunity,” says Andy. “RWE draws on standard epidemiological tools that companies have long been familiar with – so there’s no reason to be cautious. Better still, the regulators and payers are demanding it. So, don’t hold back - it’s time to get real.” PMI Live 2014

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However, despite the increased demand for the integration of real world evidence into the drug development process there are still inefficiencies regarding the way we evaluate, set-up, implement and deliver real world data and the subsequent evidence it provides.

So the next chapter on this journey – “where we want to be now – is not around convincing stakeholders, “why we need to do it”, but, “how we can do it better”.

To this end DaSH Global specialise in real world data & digital health strategies through our vision in building collaborative "disruptive" research models & methods from “joined up” healthcare. Collectively working with Pharma, national health services, academia, social care & patient groups with the combined goal of improving patient outcomes and driving down healthcare costs. Working to realise the promise of digital health to maximise real world evidence....

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