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DaSH Global and Mesothelioma UK’s national real-world research platform delivers opportunities to support the reimbursement of new medicines

Updated: Jan 22

DaSH Global, a leading real-world research company, is delighted to support long-term partner, Mesothelioma UK, to establish a national real-word patient research platform (The Digital Assessment Xchange - DAX) via the collection of Patient Reported Outcomes (PROMs) outside of clinical practice.


The digital data collection tool, ‘Your Health Companion’ in Mesothelioma is being used to capture patient outcomes in a real-world setting, where it will provide insight into experience of care, quality of life, symptoms, and clinical management of mesothelioma. The data collected allows the charity to prioritise and shape services via research projects that will ultimately benefit patients.


This is a game changer. It ensures we get continuous, accurate feedback directly from patients. This will accelerate our ability to drive progress in the services and treatments we can offer. We can make value-based decisions efficiently and effectively.” Liz Darlison, MBE EN RN BSc MSc, Chief Executive Officer, Mesothelioma UK.


The DAX platform is also part of a long-term multi-stakeholder strategy to enable the collection of PROMs in a real-world setting to assess the effectiveness of new medicines and the delivery of health services. By linking into national medical records, real-world studies can be undertaken to provide cost efficient, timely and precise evidence for the reimbursement and regulatory approval of new medicines.


Our partnership with Mesothelioma UK spans over 5 years, and throughout this time the aim has been to support patients to live well for longer, at the same time, providing ‘unique’ real-world data that can be used by pharma to accelerate research. Thus enabling them to meet the increasing regulatory & reimbursement demands that incorporates the patient voice into observational research.” Andrew Turner, Director and Founder, DaSH Global.



For more information:

Andrew Turner

+44 (0)7540 724927

Lee Wemyss

: +44 (0)7803 036552


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