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DaSH Global and Clinical Net join forces to accelerate drug development & give patients more control

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

DaSH Global, Ltd., a leading real-world research company, and Clinical Net Ltd. have today announced a collaboration agreement to join forces to accelerate drug development and approval while empowering patients to take more control over their healthcare.

The coalition offers an end-to-end cost- and time-saving approach to bring new treatments to people faster, by synergising digital healthcare tools to boost patient recruitment in clinical trials and generate hand-by-hand real-world data for expedited clinical research and reimbursement of new medicines.

DaSH Global, has developed a strategic real-world research platform, the Digital Assessment Xchange (DAX), that collects Patient Reported Outcomes Measures (PROMs) via ‘Your Health Companion’; a digital diary that enables patients to record their symptoms, side-effects, quality of life and experience of care.

Clinical Net has created an open-source, AI-driven platform that patients, carers and healthcare professionals can use to match and connect to suitable clinical trials within 5 minutes, giving them access to the most advanced treatments years before these are in the market.

As part of the collaboration, DaSH Global will expand the PROMs collection related to clinical trials in the Your Health Companion. This section of the app will introduce patients to clinical trials as potential treatment options, directing them to Clinical Net for easy matching and connection with the most appropriate clinical trial. On the other side, Clinical Net platform will offer patients seeking clinical trials the option to use Your Health Companion to gather their data and track health changes. This information can then be effortlessly shared with healthcare professionals to enhance disease management, early symptom detection, and informed treatment decisions.

Cancer is the leading cause of death and morbidity in Europe after cardiovascular diseases, with more than 3.7 million new cases and 1.9 million deaths each year. Sadly, the UK still lags behind many other developed countries in cancer survival rates.

The UK government has publicly recognised on numerous occasions the urgent need to expedite research into clinical trials to provide targeted medicines that not only improve survival but also ensure a good quality of life. Furthermore, the NHS Five-Year plan highlights the need to increase the use of digital health tools to help patients manage their own condition as it has been proven that patient self-management is crucial to improving their experience and outcomes.

“Our goal is to offer a unified access point for patients to take control of their health and contribute to research. Thus, even when patients cannot participate in a clinical trial, they can still provide valuable real-world research data that drives progress,” said Nuria Coll Bastus, founder and director of Clinical Net.

“The integration of real-world data will provide new evidence-based mechanisms to support Outcomes Based Reimbursement and Pricing that will allow access to essential cancer drugs and oncology services,” said Andrew Turner, founder and director of DaSH Global.

About DaSH Global, Ltd DaSH Global is a UK-based real-world evidence research company that has developed a strategic real-world research platform, the Digital Assessment Xchange (DAX), which integrates the PROMs collected via the Your Health Companion app with national clinical datasets. This system informs cancer care strategies, drug use, and service interventions, ensuring the patient voice remains central in research.

About Your Health Companion Your Health Companion is a digital diary that enables for patients to record their symptoms, side-effects, quality of life and experience of care. By collecting this data, patients can monitor changes and communicate these to healthcare professionals so their illness can be better managed, early intervention made and treatment more rigorously assessed.

About Clinical Net, Ltd. Clinical Net is a UK-based health-tech company committed to ensuring that everyone has easy access to the most innovative treatments in clinical trials while tackling patient recruitment challenges faced by clinical trial sites and sponsors. Clinical Net is a revolutionary AI-driven platform hosts over 69,000 open clinical trial globally. It enables patients, their families, nurses, and doctors to match with and connect to the most suitable clinical trial in just 5 minutes. It’s easy, fast and free. Clinical Net allows everyone to access the most advanced treatments years before these arrive to the market, giving them the potential to improve, extend, or even save their lives. For pharmaceutical companies, Clinical Net accelerates drug development, cut costs and expands years of patent-protected sales.

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