With the explosion of new digital applications and the enhanced opportunities to collect, assimilate and report on health data there is a global responsibility to harness this information to improve the health of all individuals.


However, the collection of data within these platforms is most often isolated and not fit for purpose when trying to develop research strategies to understand and improve the health of patient populations.


To meet this need DaSH Global look to integrate novel digital health strategies with existing healthcare infrastructures to provide access to  “joined up” health.

Supporting improved population health...



... joined up
digital health strategies



1. Meso UK partnership

Following previous real-world research collaborations with Mesothelioma UK we have identified the opportunity to extend the MORE study into a longitudinal digital health data collection platform: the Mesothelioma Digital Assessment Xchange (Meso-DAX). We are working with Meso UK to provide a new digital service model that supports Mesothelioma Services and commercial access to data for on-going research studies.



DaSH-Global have been working within the Greater Manchester Health ecosystem and NHS Mental Health Services in the development of the Mild Cognitive Impairment-Digital Assessment Xchange, (MCI-DAX). This is a digital platform which combines both clinic and home-based data gathering. The platform is unique in that it has been designed to integrate into the emerging front-line MCI clinical service to identify patients prior to the onset of an Alzheimer Disease. We are assessing the integration of this platform into the new bioinformatic clinical data systems which are being developed within the UK: Local Health Care Record Exemplars. (LHCRE).


2. Meso-DAX platform

DaSH Global are setting up a unique RWE digital health initiative by integrating new PROMS/PREMS longitudinal data collection platforms with NHS oncology Electronic Medical Record, (EMR), infratstuctures  We are joining up healthcare services by supporting the collaboration between Patient Advocacy (Meso UK), NHS via Public health England & The National Cancer Registries Analysis Service. (NCRAS) to deliver empowerment to patients in the management of their disease, assess to clinical management in real-time and the ability to undertake real-world research.

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DAX collaboration

DaSH-Global are currently welcoming Pharma commercial partnerships in both the Mesothelioma and MCI areas. In addition to support the implementation of other DAX platforms we are working with Pharma to expand the model into other European countries through varying collaborations with patient advocacy groups, medical societies & academic centres.


Please contact us to discuss new opportunities for DAX.

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#1. Meso UK partnership

Continuing our relationship with Meso UK to develop the Mesothelioma Digital Assessment Xchange. (Meso-DAX)

Posted: MAR 2020

#2. Meso-DAX platform

A new PROMS/PREMS longitudinal data collection platform integrating into NHAS clinical services.

Posted: MAR 2020



We are developing DAX into new disease areas. Contact us to discuss further.

Posted: MAR 2020


Working with UK Mental Health services we are looking to develop the MCI-DAX digital platform to support the fight against the onset of Alzheimers disease.

Posted: MAR 2020

DAX collaboration

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