• L. Wemyss & A. Turner

Are we realising the promise of digital health?

Updated: Jul 27

Amongst industry experts there is almost total agreement that digital health in 2020 is headed for much greater integration into everyday healthcare delivery.

So the question is arguably not ‘if’ or ‘when’ its arriving, but ‘what’ should it look like, and ‘how’ to leverage any differences to make products and services that are truly compelling and impactful. It’s an exciting time.

Digital health has to be thought about in terms of four customer groups: 1) people or health care consumers, 2) the healthcare industry, (e.g. Pharma, diagnostic companies, etc.) 3) health services or providers and 4) governments and regulators. As these customers or markets converge, working across them becomes increasingly complex, not least because products or services will in the future need to satisfy all of them simultaneously if they are to succeed! However, knowing how to work within the overlaps offers a chance to both fix current issues as well as open doors to significant new opportunities.

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