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Data Solutions in Healthcare


How can we help?



By working with clients to understand medical unmet need and to establish evidence gaps, DaSH-Global bring a wealth of experience in the set-up, implementation & delivery of real world studies to generate evidence.


We have extensive experience in utlilising both primary and secondary data collection sources; from prospective, retrospective, cross-sectional & longitudinal non-interventional observational methodologies and data collected via existing datasets. For example administrational data, public healthcare EMR’s and existing public disease & product registries.



DaSH-Global and its collaborative partners provide a wealth of technical data analysis services, including statistical support.


This incorporates both HEOR & insights research where we have expertise in patient cohort profiling, burden/cost of illness, PRO/HRQoL cost effectiveness, audits, treatment histories, market landscaping, health economic modelling, service evaluations, etc.



Utilising the evidence generated from the research DaSH-Global can provide input and consultancy into the development of Global Value Dossiers, HTA assessments, (eg NICE submissions), publication development, (both peer review & posters), advisory boards, policy implementation, etc. 



With extensive experience in healthcare research & consulting, both within private and public health. The owners at DaSH-Global believe there is a need for new healthcare research services that provide a 360-degree understanding of the healthcare environment in order to align targeted Data Solutions in Healthcare to answer the challenging healthcare questions of the future. DaSH-Global has therefore been set up to provide a unique range of services to deliver this service.


Our visions is to build a collaborative model of healthcare research, working collectively with pharma, public health, academia, social care, patient groups, etc; to deliver evidence from joined up healthcare that will identity and implement new research strategies. This will meet the needs of “newly” targeted patient populations, thus improving patient outcomes and driving down healthcare costs 


In the delivery of primary real-world research DaSH Global are developing a suite of digital healthcare exchanges with the NHS in the UK to provide the collection of data outside clinical practice. (ie from patients, carers, community health care professionals, social services, etc). This will provide additional longitudinal data to link back into patient medical records to provide invaluable information when the patient is not presenting within the healthcare system.


DaSH-Global are currently working with the “unique” bio-informatics Local Health Care Record Exemplar, (LHCRE), programme centered within the Greater Manchester, (GM), region. This is being developed, with support from the NHS, the Health Innovation Manchester, Manchester University & Health & Social Partnership. Within this we are developing the MCI - Digital Assessment Xchange. (MCI-DAX). with the NHS GM Mental Health Trust in order to understand the impact on the rate of conversion from a pre-dementia stage to full dementia syndrome.

Clients & colaborations

DaSH-Global, are currently working with:


  • Both small & large Pharmaceutical companies.

  • The NHS, via a number of consulting contracts.

  • UK Academic Health Science Networks.

  • Patient advocacy groups.


DaSH-Global, have specific collaborations with:

  • Greater Manchester's Health & Social Care Partnership  - integrating with the new bioinformatic data linkage programmes.

  • Health Innovation Manchester. (HinM).

  • NHS Greater Manchester Mental Healthcare Trust, (GM MHT).

  • Manchester University - who are linked into the Manchester global centre of excellence for real world evidence research.

  • Aarhus University- providing the provision of "linked" Nordic healthcare data for real world evidence research.

  • Rare disease charities, (eg Mesothelioma UK), where we have launched a new "open access" real world evidence programmes to support healthcare insights & evidence generation for the Pharma industry.


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